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Mercer Island, WA 98040

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I am honored to be endorsed by the following people and organizations, and would love to have your endorsement as well! If you would like to endorse me, please email AllcornForMI@gmail.com
  • Mercer Island Mayor Debbie Bertlin

  • Mercer Island City Councilmember Wendy Weiker

  • Former Mercer Island Mayor Judy Clibborn

  • Former Mercer Island Mayor Elliot Newman

  • State Senator Lisa Wellman

  • State Representative My-Linh Thai

  • State Representative Tana Senn

  • U.S. Representative Adam Smith

  • Commissioner of Public Lands Hilary Franz

  • Port Commissioner Ryan Calkins

  • Port Commissioner Peter Steinbrueck

  • MI School Board Director Tracy Drinkwater

  • Former MI School Board Director Brenda Paull

  • MI School Board Candidate Tam Dinh

  • MI School Board Candidate Maggie Tai Tucker

  • 2017 MI Citizen of the year Terry Moreman

  • Mercer Island Resident Tanya Aggar

  • Mercer Island Resident Carolyn Boatsman

  • Mercer Island Resident Carole Branom

  • Mercer Island Resident Jennifer Flood

  • Mercer Island Resident Jordan Friedman

  • Mercer Island Resident Carol Friends

  • Mercer Island Resident Christina Hendelman

  • Mercer Island Resident Pam Hinnen

  • Mercer Island Resident Michael Jonas

  • Mercer Island Resident Abby Karp

  • Mercer Island Resident Anne Ihnen

  • Mercer Island Resident Robin Li

  • Mercer Island Resident Jennifer Muscatel

  • Mercer Island Resident Bob Olson

  • Mercer Island Resident Lynda Olson

  • Mercer Island Resident Helena Peace

  • Mercer Island Resident Stephen Pong

  • Mercer Island Resident Jane Reynolds

  • Mercer Island Resident Gene Robertson

  • Mercer Island Resident Nancy Spaeth

  • Mercer Island Resident Rebecca Warriner

  • Alliance for Gun Responsibility

  • Mercer Island Inclusion Project

  • Equal Rights Washington

  • 41st Legislative District Democrats

  • King County Democrats

  • Planned Parenthood Votes NW & Hawaii

  • Washington Bikes