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PO Box 960

Mercer Island, WA 98040

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The top priority for our city is public safety. This will be achieved through making sure our brave police officers and firefighters have the tools they need. We also need to make sure we continue to fund mental health counselors in every school on Mercer Island. 


I'm a supporter and frequent user of public transit, and I am in favor of making our regional system work as efficiently as possible. I support the settlement agreement reached in 2017, and will work to hold Sound Transit and Metro to the deal the was struck then.


Mercer Island Center for the Arts and Youth Theatre Northwest have been left in limbo for far too long. As a former actor and teaching artist, I've seen firsthand the positive impact theatre can have on a child's life. I've lived it! We need to make safe spaces for our children, and I believe doing so in our town center could bring some much needed vibrancy to our business district.


We are fortunate to have a some really fantastic small businesses setting up shop here on the island. Small businesses strengthen our community, increase tax revenue, and provide for convenient services. The city council should do all we can to support and encourage small business development on Mercer Island.


‚ÄčIt's important to remember that while we may sometimes disagree, we all want what is best for Mercer Island. Through understanding that simple truth, I plan to work with people with differing points of view to reach common sense solutions we all can support and help our community achieve its full potential.